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Behavior Consultation

Our BCBAs and LBSs analyze data and create plans to address socially significant behaviors.

The Behavior Consultant will develop, oversee and analyze behavior goals and progress. They assume the responsibility of creating and managing specific clients’ interventions, reviewing and analyzing data, and making data-based decisions and recommendations. The Behavior Consultant will support members of the IEP/ITP team, including parent training.

behavior consultation

Behavior Consultation Services Include:

  • Conducting assessment(s) to determine goals, behavior/treatment plans, or skill deficits essential to treatment implementation
  • Development of treatment plans, behavior plans, safety plans, crisis plans, etc., for the client
  • Monitoring of plans and goals to ensure the client is making meaningful progress
  • Collection and analysis of data and make plan adjustments as needed
  • Conducting fidelity checks to ensure plans are implemented with integrity
  • Completion of progress monitoring as designed
  • Ability to design and implement Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and/or Verbal Behavior (VB) specific programs
  • Experience strengthening Autistic Support, Emotional Support, and Life Skills support clients and programs
  • Providing parent and team training to ensure generalization and maintenance of skills and behavior progress
  • Services can be face-to-face or virtual

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We have partnered with various insurance companies to better serve our families. In addition to the commercial insurance partners below, we also participate in state Medicaid programs. Please discuss any questions about your coverage when you reach out to get started. For further inquiries, visit our Contact Page.

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