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Tutoring Services

Our certified regular and special education teachers as well as Certified Wilson Instructors assessment and individualize goals and programs to children.

Our Certified Tutors (certified Regular Education/Special Education Teachers and/or Wilson Certified Instructors) assist students with classroom assignments/homework and content material. They provide support in a variety of areas, including study skills, note-taking strategies, test preparation, and the grasping of new concepts. Wilson Certified Instructors will assess and implement the Wilson Program, meeting students where they are and guiding them through the steps within the program. The tutor will support the student with the goal of improving academic performance.

tutoring session

Tutoring Services Include:

  • Providing instruction and support in academic areas
  • Modification of the general education curriculum/ lessons based on instructional techniques and technologies
  • Differentiation of instruction to meet the individual needs of the student
  • Monitoring of or supporting goals in student’s IEP
  • Continually seek to motivate the student for the learning task at hand
  • Constant and consistent communication with the student’s special education teacher and/or parent
  • Teaching strategies to improve academic skills that promote future independence
  • Implementation of Wilson assessments and curriculum to foster reading skills (decoding and encoding skills) by Wilson Certified Instructors
  • Services can be face-to-face or virtual

Health Insurance Partners

We have partnered with various insurance companies to better serve our families. In addition to the commercial insurance partners below, we also participate in state Medicaid programs. Please discuss any questions about your coverage when you reach out to get started. For further inquiries, visit our Contact Page.

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